Hi all, and welcome to Summoner's Rift! For those who have randomly wandered upon this site, SR is an online TCG dedicated the the MOBA, League of Legends. This lovely site is run by Jess and Sami.

Site Stats

Summoner's Rift is currently accepting members! We have a total of 15 active member(s). The site currently has 49 released decks with 980 cards total. If you're looking for more League fun, be sure to check out Pentakill, run by Maron!

Making Progress!

Content Checklist

As of right now, I have slowly begun to set up the forum. There are no threads up just yet, but feel free to make an account when you get the chance. I have made a not so small list below of all the things I want to get done through the end of this week! If you all have any concerns or questions, please email us at summonersrifttcg[@]gmail[.]com, and one of us will get to you as soon as possible!

  • Modify games to give runes as currency
  • Add runes to currency and games
  • Send out Prejoin packages
  • Fix up the forum
  • Add affiliates
  • Add content to the Champion Masteries and Battle System pages
  • Figure out the Champion Masteries layout
  • Add a Shop page

15 Jul 2015

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